What clients are saying

Working with Megan has been a pivatol part of my wellness journey. She is extremely talented at articulating concepts of classical Pilates while encouraging a whole health model. I was drawn to Pilates during a very difficult time in my life and found the mind to body connection intriguing, challenging and unlike any other model of movement. I continue to be propelled into the best version of myself and am grateful to the skillful and kind mentorship that Megan brings to each session
— Lori Brown
I have been taking Pilates with Megan for 6 months, and have benefitted from increased flexibility and improved core strength. Taking two classes a week has given me a routine I can follow, and has been enough to see the benefits. I’m 53 and an avid cyclist, and since the gains from Pilates I no longer have back and neck issues when I ride. The improved core strength helps on the bike, and I feel that the improved flexibility will help avoid injuries. It has been a perfect complement for the aerobic exercise I get on the bike, to help me work on overall fitness.
— Greg Farrar
Since I have been taking Pilates with Megan, I have noticed an increase in strength, and a reduction in the pain I had been living with in my back and legs. The classes have given me a boost in confidence, and with the reduction in pain and increased flexibility, I have been super happy with the classes. Megan is an excellent instructor with great input during class to help with our form. The atmosphere is very casual and friendly, but very professional. I will be turning 50 this year and I honestly feel better than I did when I was in my 30’s.
— Molly Farrar
After my first session with Megan, she asked me, “how do you feel?” My answer remains the same after almost 10 private reformer sessions - STRONG! Body awareness, alignment and positioning - basically my place in space - is something I take with me from every hour spent on the reformer under Meg’s instruction and I’m catching myself making small self-adjustments on my own. I cannot foresee a time I do not want to meet her in Reformer Corner because I know I’m only going to get better - STRONGER!
— Kim Jameson